Rocket Manufacturing, Inc.
Rocket Manufacturing, Inc.
Rocket Manufacturing, Inc.

Like many people I have come to find regular work tedious and unfulfilling. Given enough time most things become boring or repetitious. With a child's enthusiasm I enjoy the designing and making of mechanical objects. The focus of a modern man to produce an object that reduces work or benefits society requires diligence and vision, qualities that severely interfere with my playtime. I am easily distracted, but love to focus on minutiae. Since childhood it has been easy for me to obsess over the workings of machines and their mesmerizing motions. Nothing suits me better than to troubleshoot the tricky mechanics of a gadget made to benefit the few or create new pathways toward inefficiency.

Bridgeport Mill Bill Working Lathe Shop Wall Bill Durovchic

I would rather play than work, though my play to most observers would appear to be structured and productive labor. I find great reward in creating a more elaborate method to accomplish less, with the crucial elements of style and humor.

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Machines have contributed to the rise of civilization, but most of us remain unaware of the mechanics of even the simplest mechanisms. I, however, revel in these details. The intricate leads to a path of distraction and distraction is where I live and play. Through daydreams I am able to conceive of objects and with a lifetime's accumulation of technical machine skills I am able to manufacture them. Through distraction I find focus, by application I make toys. With circular motion I define futility and thus explore the relationship of work and play. My skills and vision generate mechanisms and these machines are the tangible manifestation of an open dialogue from me, the maker, to you, the viewer and participant. I play. You turn the crank. And back around to do it again.

—Bill Durovchic, Born 1954 in Santa Monica, CA,
BA in Art, Central Washington University 1978,
sculpture and jewelry